Dr. Fabian Redler

Dr. Fabian Redler brings over 25 years of helping families in crisis, at home and school. His passion for helping those most in need, mixed with his education and insatiable thirst for knowledge, led him to create LIFT Brain Training in 2000. Since then, Dr. Redler has built 3 LIFT Brain Training Centers in South Florida as well as created LIFT Educational Academy which serves K-5 students who have specific learning disabilities including Dyslexia, Reading and Math Disorders, ADHD, and other processing disorders.

Dr. Redler lives in Plantation with his wife, three sons, and two dogs. When he isn’t working on improving students’ lives at school, he can be found working on home improvement projects or happily lost in IKEA.

LIFT Educational Academy OUR STUDENTS
Creative, intelligent, sensitive, and inquisitive. They are typical boys and girls who have atypical but fixable learning deficiencies and cognitive disorders.