Forget Everything You Know About School

Students who have struggled with learning, must have a variety of options beyond a conventional classroom.That’s why LEA offers one-to-one instruction as just one of various student-fit-learning models, exceptional brain-based curriculum and subject-matter experts, to match each student with the learning environment best suited for them at every stage of their academic and emotional development.

What Makes us Different

Brain-Based Curriculum

Through targeted brain exercises, an individual can strengthen, improve and increase cognitive functioning in the areas of speed, attention and concentration, language, memory, and problem solving, just to name a few. Best of all, this research has opened up an exciting world of possibilities.

Student-Fit Models

How do you put the puzzle pieces together with so many choices for quality education? Rather than fitting your child into a one-size-fits-all school, imagine having the power to hand-pick their learning experience from a variety of educational student-fit models.

Subject-Matter Experts

LEA’s lead teachers are subject-matter experts as well as certified educators. This makes them best qualified to teach your child and advance them swiftly and with the greatest ease.

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The University of Arizona
Arizona State University
Bellevue College
Biola University
Columbia University
Cornish College of the Arts
DePaul University
Florida State University
Gonzaga University
University of Idaho
Landmark College
University of Michigan
Michigan State University
Middlebury College
University of Montana
St. Olaf College
University of Puget Sound
Purdue University
University of Redlands
Reed College
University of Rochester
Sonoma State University
University of Denver
University of Phoenix
University of Washington
Wesleyan University