Welcome to LIFT Educational Academy!

Admission Requirements

LIFT Educational Academy accepts students 1st through 12th grade who are struggling in traditional learning environments. As experts in the field of psychology and education, LEA is prepared to consider all applications for children with ADHD, Dyslexia, high functioning ASD, and those with Learning Disorders. However, we currently do not have placement for students with a history of behavioral challenges.

Each student must have an application filled out, an in-office parent and student interview, and a recent (within 12 months) psychoeducational evaluation by a licensed Psychologist.

Why is this needed? A psychoeducational evaluation tells us where the cognitive deficiencies are and allows us to design and customize your child’s individual curriculum and target the areas most needing correction and strengthening. It also allows us to measure real results and achievements. You can provide your own psychoeducational evaluation or we can administer one for you.

Admissions Process

Contact our Admissions Staff to explore how LEA’s unique methodology will perfect your child’s learning experience.

Your discussion should include the following topics:

✓ Student-Fit Learning Models (One-to-One Instruction)

✓ LiFT Brain Training for Cognitive Development

✓ Social-Emotional Development

✓ Behavior Management

Through customized instruction, LiFT Educational Academy can accommodate a wide variety of student needs, and to help students achieve diverse educational goals. LEA Support Staff will create a learning plan specifically tailored to meet the student’s needs and incorporating other related factors, such as schedule, timeline, and budget.

To prepare for your meeting, please bring the following:

✓ Evaluations, educational-psychological testing, standardized testing, and Individual Education Plan (IEP) information, if available.

✓ Student work samples, especially writing samples.

✓ Any other information that will be useful for our staff to understand your child’s needs.

If you do not have any of these items available, please do not worry, we will ask questions to help provide the information we need and offer additional testing for any missing pieces.

Once LEA receives your completed online application, we will respond with an appointment to meet.
LEA’s Director has extensive experience in leading teachers and creating customized education programs.

General Info

Information about LIFT Education Academy

Fees are on par with local private schools but we offer the added benefits of:

✓ Individualized custom curriculum for your child

✓ Small student to teacher ratios

✓ Continuous Performance Tests

✓ One-to-One instruction

✓ LIFT Brain Training

✓ Encouraging and caring environment

Note: Tuition payments are usually tax deductible

Although our learning environment is fun and playful, our students work hard all day at school.

We put their brains through an intense workout and believe in the importance of proper brain recovery. We do give limited homework assignments from time to time. We will keep homework to a minimal and allow the students to enjoy the late afternoons and evenings with their families and friends the way children are supposed to.

School is Monday – Friday,
excluding holidays.

Students must bring their own non-perishable lunch.
Please no peanut products.

Our school setting is small and intimate.
If your child is sneezing, coughing, has a runny nose, fever or showing signs of red eyes, a cold, or the flu, please keep them home until they are fully recovered.
We will gladly send work home or make accommodations for when they return.

Class time is from 8:30am – 2:30pm.
We follow Broward County Public School Calendar.

There is no dress code but appropriate attire is required.
Please provide sweatshirt or light jacket as it sometimes gets cold in our school.

We do not currently provide transportation but if is needed please contact us for options.