Our Story

The scene was always pretty much the same. One or both parents sitting on a couch, tears rolling down worn faces, wearing defeat on their shoulders and carrying hopelessness in their hearts.

What brought them to this moment, this couch, this place of despair? An education system that failed their child! Their young son or daughter, who like so many, started school with joy and excitement but soon got tossed in with the masses. They were left behind and quickly began to feel inferior, insecure, sad, and even angry, simply because they are not a mass, but an individual child who just wanted and needed to be treated as such. No parent wants to see their son or daughter left for failure.

Across the couch was Dr. Fabian Redler. He was there to offer counseling but therapy was not the solution. A new and effective approach for teaching kids with ADHD, dyslexia, reading, math, and  processing disorders was needed. So in 2000, Dr. Redler set out to transform students’ lives and the LIFT Brain Training program was created. It’s a neuroplasticity-based program, individually designed and built for each child, to stimulate and strengthen key areas of cognitive deficit to expand the ability to learn and process information. Simply put, it’s cognitive boot camp for the brain and the results were astounding.

Our Students

Our case study is just one example of how with an individualized curriculum, targeted cognitive strengthening, and proper brain training techniques, a student can exceed expectations, overcome limitations and find success in every area of their lives.

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Your Story

Your son or daughter has fallen behind in school. Attention has worsened, grades have dropped, and motivation has been lost. Homework is torture (for you and them), teachers are asking for your help, you’re asking others’ for help, you are at a dead end. Threats haven’t worked. Punishment hasn’t worked. Tutoring hasn’t worked. You’re sitting on a couch across from a therapist…that hasn’t worked either!

Maybe she has ADHD, a reading disorder, or processing deficit. Maybe your son can’t keep focused, has Dyslexia, or a Math Disorder. You’re frustrated and your child feels defeated because conventional teaching and endless rote memorization doesn’t work. “School” has failed your student…your son or daughter.

If every child is unique, then every child’s curriculum should be individually designed, period.

Brain Training and our Methodology

Up until about the turn of the millennium, the neuro-scientific belief was that past a certain point in our lives our brain could not change; we had what we had, and that was it. In fact, any change would be limited to neurons shrinking and dying. But that view has been overturned by evidence that our brains are capable of forming new connections.

Each neuron has branches which are connecting with other neurons based on what we are learning in the moment. Those connections can be kept, and form what is called a cognitive reserve, which can reroute signals around trouble spots in a brain with cognitive deficits, such as those associated with learning disabilities.

Recent pioneering experiments in neuroplasticity, a science that investigates how the brain can undergo change, reveal that the brain is capable not only of altering its structure but also generating new neurons.

Through targeted brain exercises, an individual can strengthen, improve and increase cognitive functioning in the areas of speed, attention and concentration, language, memory, and problem solving, just to name a few. Best of all, this research has opened up an exciting world of possibilities. These studies show that by using proper training methods, one can target, modify, and develop the brain to improve deficiencies in learning, and the fastest, most efficient way to do this, is through cognitive training exercises that specifically and directly target deficient brain skills that are responsible for learning. This is the science behind LIFT Educational Academy.

Through targeted brain exercises, an individual can strengthen, improve and increase cognitive functioning in the areas:







Dr. Fabian Redler Education Director

Dr. Fabian Redler brings over 25 years of helping families in crisis, at home and school. His passion for helping those most in need, mixed with his education and insatiable thirst for knowledge, led him to create LIFT Brain Training in 2000.

Director’s Message

Dr. Fabian Redler

Most kids start school with the excitement and dreams that support their learning. However, despite being smart, at least 3 out of 10 children replace their joy of learning with frustration and self-doubt caused by specific cognitive challenges that interfere with their ability to learn. Children may have difficulties learning to read, comprehend, listening or staying focused, or perhaps remembering what they learn. If the underlying cognitive deficits are not corrected, these children can suffer needlessly and be forced to face a less secure future because they lack the skills and confidence to pursue their dreams.

Learning is undeniably one of the most important tasks our children will ever take on. At LIFT Educational Academy, our total dedication and commitment is to deliver proven and measurable learning solutions that will ignite passion, self-determination, provide the skills and building blocks of knowledge so ultimately your child will be prepared and able to reach his or her dreams. Here’s to an amazing NEW year of learning ahead!