Parents have the power to choose their child's unique educational pathway

Struggling students are not all built the same. They require a school experience tailored to their unique needs. Select from a variety of student-fit models best suited for your child.


LEA Squared Option

Encompasses a one-to-one learning experience tailored to students’ academic ability. An individualized curriculum and instruction are delivered with an emphasis on organization, planning and executive functioning. A customized schedule and environmental accommodations come standard for the LEA2 student. Each subject area is taught face-to-face by a subject-matter expert. Ratio 1:1


LEA Traditional Option

Encompasses an individualized curriculum tailored to students’ academic ability within a whole-group classroom. Students are paired to encourage teamwork and peer teaching, along with building social confidence in a safe and supportive environment. Each subject area is taught by a subject-matter expert. Ratio 6:1


LEA Cubed Option

Offers a dual experience of LEA Traditional &LEA2. While enjoying the social benefit of a traditional classroom, students opt for one-to-one learning only for their most challenging subjects. Each subject area is taught face-to-face by a subject-matter expert. Ratio varies from 1:1 to 6:1


LEA Paired Option

Pairs two students with one teacher to address their most challenging subjects within a small team. Following the path of LEA3 but distinguished by its emphasis on peer collaboration, students can build on the strengths of formed alliances. Students learn to gain support from peers encouraging social and emotional growth. Ratio varies from 2:1 to 6:1